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The Virginia Technology & Innovation Caucus

Bipartisan government working on behalf of families, business and progress

for the good of the Commonwealth.

About Our Caucus

The Virginia Technology and Innovation Caucus is a bipartisan group of Viginia legislators focused on the intersection of emerging technology, innovation, social impact, policy & the law.

We are engaged in a statewide effort to ensure that Virginia is a competitive leader in technology and innovation. Our Caucus members are committed to taking a wholistic approach to learning about, developing and promoting Virginia’s technology and innovation sectors while considering social and related impacts so that Virginia’s people along with its businesses, schools, healthcare, judicial system, transportation and more can thrive safely together.


Our Caucus seeks to foster and promote technology and innovation, support legislation that creates jobs, enable the responsible use of technology to improve the lives of all Virginians, promote the technology and innovation climate in Virginia, and engage on emerging policy issues.

Founding Members.jpg

Founding Members (left to right):

Delegate Cliff Hayes, Delegate Mark Keam, Delegate Shelly Simonds, Delegate Rodney Willett, Delegate Glenn Davis, Delegate Karen Greenhalgh (Founding Vice Chair), Delegate Michelle Maldonado (Founding Chair), Delegate Jackie Glass, Delegate Clint Jenkins, Delegate Nadarius Clark, Delegate Suhas Subramanyan, Delegate Ken Plum (not shown), and Delegate Emily Brewer (not shown).

Current & Emerging Trends of Interest


Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity

Blockchain & FinTech


AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Electric Vehicles

Autonomous Robots & Vehicles

Environmental Technologies


Augmented & Virtual Reality

Biotech, Medical and Healthcare Technologies


Did You Know?

There are:

  • 4.66B Internet Users

  • 4.20B Active Social Media Users

  • 5.22B Unique Mobile Users

  • Over 6 hours daily time spent using the Internet

Source: DataReportal, Digital 2021L Global Overview

Appearance of AutonomousCars:

  • 1980: The first prototypes of self-driving cars on public roads

  • 1986: The first and truly self-driving car on the road (the Robot Car 'VaMoRs')

  • 1991: U.S. Congress approved a proposal for the development of autonomous cars and  infrastructure.

  • 1993: Toyota’s hybrid Prius offered automatic parallel-parking assistance 

  • 2009: Google secretly launched its Self-Driving Car Project  (now Waymo)

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 

  1. Decarbonization

  2. Self-Fertilizing Crops

  3. Breath Sensors to Diagnose Diseases

  4. On-Demand Drug Manufacturing

  5. Energy from Wireless Signal

  6. Engineering for better "healthspan"

  7. Reduction of CO2 Footprint of Fertilizer Production

  8. Wireless Biomarker Devices

  9. 3D Printing of Homes with Local Materials

  10. Space-based IoT System

Source: World Economic Forum - Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2021 Report. Click here to read report.



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